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Exclusive Print Publications

In addition to the standard local print advertising, we also produce two professional publications featuring our listings. These publications are printed on high quality gloss paper. Both magazines are distributed throughout the Upper Keys using our own catalog racks and others, and via mail to areas of the Florida Keys as well as property owners in South Florida. Many of our agents mail these publications to their farm areas and to their database of buyers.

The Island Collection features select listings from American Caribbean Real Estate.


This publication is printed once a year and distributed at various points throughout the Keys, as well as by our agents.


Visit to view our online magazines.

Premier Properties by Premier Companies features our luxury homes listed by American Caribbean Real Estate. Properties featured are priced at $1,000,00 and above. Each property receives a full page with multiple photos. This magazine is updated each time a new listing becomes available or as current listings sell or change price so that it is always accurate and up to date. This is an online publication.

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